What is a FabLab?

Fab Labs are a global network of people who want to cooperate in innovation and production. The machines That equip them are tools to make this happen. In the beginning, a FabLab was a place for rapid prototyping . But more and more, Fab Labs turn into community centers where people come with all sorts of questions, projects and desires .

From personal computers to personal fabrication
With a FabLab we will go through the same revolution as decades back with personal computers. Then it was the transition from expensive mainframes to affordable computers for home. Now it is the transition from million dollar 3D printers at affordable 3D printers for small businesses and even home! This provides tremendous opportunities for innovative companies and individuals, is essential in order to survive in the global competition.

A FabLab is a knowledge center, meeting place and a digital design and production workshop which acts as a development partner for the industry, as a learning environment for teaching, as a laboratory for the arts, as an incubator for high-tech and designers and as a public workshop (model FabLab) for craftsmen and modellers.

In a FabLab are not only different disciplines togethe , but you're also part of a worldwide network of over 260 FabLabs . That means you get easier understanding of technical developments elsewhere which accelerates local  innovation tremendously.

Actual information, please visit the international website.

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