Reuse of 3D-printing materials

Since October 2013 Hadwa Omran is doing an internship at our FabLab. Research on re-use of 3D-printing materials.
Hadwa graduated at The German University in Cairo (GUC), Egypt
Bachelor of Science in Applied Sciences and Arts with Honors, Product Design major.
In Egypt she has her own designstudio, Redesign.

Below you can find her first results. The theory is that additive manufacturing has almost no waste, in contrast with traditional methods like CNC-milling. Professional 3D-printing companies like Shapeways or Materialise produce more than 1 million 3D-prints per year of which 15% failed: a lot of waste!
When we print with PLA support is not possible (to strong connection) so the waste is only failed products.
When we print with ABS we do this because we need support (in ABS easy to remove). The UP! printers are excellent for this. But to our surprise 36% of the material is support = waste! This is the hypothetical result after one month collecting waste.
If you want to read all first results please send us an email.

Now Hadwa is collecting printing materials, wrong products and support material, and would like to make filament of it. In Januar 2014 she will do some small tests at CHILL, the chemical labb of Zuyd, Maastricht University and others:

  • Difference between reuse of PLA and ABS?
  • Which colour will it be if you don't collect the colours in different boxes?
  • Difference between ABS protected against dust or not?
  • Difference between 3 colours (we noticed that some colours need a higher temperature to print good)

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