International interns needed for several research projects

Our FabLab is specialised in affordable 3Dprinting and 3Dscanning. We do a lot of research in finding new printing materials and the development of printing heads (extruders) for these materials. For example ceramics / porcelain, biorubber, high engineering bioplastics, metalclay, glassclay, food chocolat (most difficult material to print) etc.

We collaborate with universities, polytechnics, SME's and multinationals. Therefore we started June 2014 a research centre at Chemelot Campus together with our partners Maastricht University, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Chemelot Campus (60 industrial companies with lots of material knowledge) and LIOF (investment company of the government): AMMC.

Another research centre for 3D biomedical will start spring 2015 at the Health Campus in Maastricht, together with the academic hospital, Maastrict University and several companies.

Most of the experiments are done at our FabLab but you will visit the research centres regulary to work with the experts.

Would you like to be involved in these professional academic research please send us an email with your CV and motivation.

We can not offer you much money but if you are a student you can use the Erasmus funding:

1. What is the Erasmus mobility grant? All students who participate in the Erasmus programme receive an Erasmus mobility grant. This grant is a lump sum allocation of money from the European Commission intended to contribute towards the extra costs arising from studying abroad. Your grant is non-repayable, and is paid to you through UCL by the Erasmus National Agency for the UK (the British Council). N.B. The Erasmus grant is intended to offset only the additional expenses you may incur while you are abroad - you should not depend on it to cover your essential living costs. The Erasmus grant does not replace the standard student loans or grants to which you are entitled. If you normally receive a maintenance loan, maintenance grant or UCL bursary, you should continue to apply for these in the normal way. 2. Who is eligible to receive a grant? All students who participate in the Erasmus programme are eligible to receive a grant, regardless of their nationality. The conditions for eligibility are as follows:

i) You must either be taking part in an Erasmus exchange between UCL and another European university, or undertaking a British Council Language Assistantship in an EU country.

ii) You must not have previously received an Erasmus grant. Each student is only entitled to one period of Erasmus mobility during the course of their undergraduate studies (if you are undertaking two different Erasmus placements during your year abroad, your two placements are counted together as one period of Erasmus mobility).

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