Great news, the team of Kickstarter awarded the Focus by 3D By Flow with a Staff Pick for Technology!


  • first printer with 3 easily exchangeable extruders: for filament, paste and in the nearby future also the granulate extruder.
  • first printer with intelligent extruders: printer recognizes the extruder and adapts the software
  • first 3Dprinter on the market with food save syringes for printing food, already in use by chefs, chocolatiers etc
  • first affordable printer which can print silicones, for example facial prothetics, already in use at academic hospital
  • first printer which can print with biorubber (made from rapeseed), as strong as the tyre of a car and very flexible, ideal for producing your own rubber prototypes or spare parts
  • first printer which can print real chocolate in real 3D, no compounds with sugar. Special mix in development together with worldleader in premium chocolate. Prints perfect: original taste (no bitter), glossy and with the knack when you bite it
  • most accurate printer for printing ceramics and porcelain, to print complex art or your own dinnerware
  • first printer printing with metalclay and glassclay: print your own art in 100% bronze or jewelry in 100% silver!

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