ByFlow selected for the startup bootcamp Eindhoven

Yes! ByFlow, a Dutch premium 3D printer company, made it to become one of the 11 startups who will be guided for 3 + 3 months in business development. 250+ mentors and a team of 20 experts will support us the coming months, especially between September and December 2015. Already now we are accelerating with all the knowledge and contacts given to us the last 5 days at HighTech campus Eindhoven, where Philips made so much inventions like the CD player.

ByFlow has been selected out of 20.000 startups in hightech hardware. 2100 have been researched in detail. 500 had a (skype)meeting with the team hunters. During 4 days 20 startups have been judged by 80 mentors, experienced entrepeneurs of hightech companies.

Very proud to see such a company coming out of our FabLab!


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