26, 27 and 28 March FabLab at 3D printshow Berlin

26/03/2015 09:00
28/03/2015 18:00

After the successes of London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Eindhoven etc we visited also Berlin, again with the 3D printshow.

Michelin Chef prints 3D Food in Berlin 26th-28th of March: Dream it, print it, EAT it!

FabLab Maastricht (NL) is a foundation specialized in research of new materials for affordable 3Dprinters (ceramics, biorubber, metal, glass, food, chocolate and granulate high-engineering bioplastics). For these materials FabLab Maastricht developed new printing heads and a new 3D printer.

The ‘’By Flow’’ is a foldable 3D printer made from high quality materials like aluminum with easily exchangeable printing heads. At the Berlin 3D Printshow, 26th until 28th of March, two star Michelin Chef Tim Raue and other chefs tested the possibilities to print edible materials in complex shapes with the 3DByFlow.

brainstorm at Tim Raue

The 3DByFlow printer is designed by Floris Hoff, industrial product designer, who has more than four years experience in 3D printing. Several experiments with 3D printing food are now performed with for example Michelin Chefs, chocolatiers, supermarkets (personalized cakes), dieticians and doctors (personalized nutrition) and nursing homes (for people who cannot swallow). Besides the normal filaments like ABS, PLA and Nylon the 3DByFlow printer can also handle powder materials like bioplastics, recycled plastics, porcelain, food and chocolate. With this extruder you can print faster, cheaper and with lots of materials. Furthermore, you can take the printer everywhere you want and due to the compact size and light weight it is a highly portable 3D printer.

Chef Lukas Mraz and Floris Hoff





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