17 and 18 October Demo 3D food printing with ByFlow 3Dprinter and Michelin chef at 3Dprintshow Paris

17/10/2014 09:30
18/10/2014 17:00

If you are looking for a nice trip for autumn holidays this is a nice opportunity, combine Paris with the best show in 3d printing and see for the first time a Michelin chef working with a 3D foodprinter on stage!

The multimaterial 3d printer ByFlow can also print food. This printer is developed by Floris Hoff who was one of the codevelopers of the 3D printer for chocolate at TNO where he worked as an intern. Now his team is developing a new printing head to print chocolate in an easier, saver  and cheaper way.

The chocolate 3D printer has been used by Michelin chef Wouter van Laarhoven and food designer Marijn Roovers. Now we are testing with them how to use the By Flow in 3D print food.

The use of 3D printed molds, made from silicone:

Clover cake      



3D printed by Michelin chef Bart Aussems with ByFlow

3D printed meringe by Michelin chef Wouter van Laarhoven & By Flow

The results will be showed at the famous 3D printshow in Paris in the Kitchen department. We will work there in a real kitchen and present the food at a fine dining table.

About the show click here.



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