4, 5,6 sept Demo 3Dfoodprinting with ByFlow 3Dprinter at 3Dprintshow London

04/09/2014 09:30
06/09/2014 18:00

FabLab Maastricht (NL) is a foundation specialized in research of new materials for affordable 3Dprinters: ceramics, biorubber, metal, glass, food and granulate high-engineering bioplastics. For these materials we developed new printing heads and a new 3Dprinter.

The By Flow is a foldable 3Dprinter made from high quality materials like aluminum with easily exchangeable printing heads. Beside the normal filaments like ABS, PLA, Nylon, etc. it can also handle the materials we mentioned above. The printing platform is fixed (no need to be calibrated) so it is suitable to print fragile materials like porcelain or chocolate.

This printer is designed by Floris Hoff, industrial product designer, who has more than 4 years of experience in 3D printing. As an internship at TNO he worked on the next generation of the 3D food printer for real chocolate. Together with Michelin chef Wouter van Laarhoven and food designer Marijn Roovers they managed to 3D print a chocolate globe with the world map on it. Inside the globe there are different compartments which are filled with different flavors.

During the 3D printshow in London we want to show you our research in 3Dfoodprinting so far:

  • printing with Nutella

  • print with Doodle3D, software on a tablet or smartphone with everybody can design a 3Dprint in a few minutes

  • printing with gnochi, an Italian receipt with potatoes etc

  • printing with an extract of basilicum, tomatoes etc

  • printing with lobster caramel

  • printing of molds to make large amounts of special designed food

mouse made from lobster caramel                                                             mouse made from gnochi

And we will tell you about

  • the differences between the use of a paste extruder (with a syringe inside) and a granulate extruder (with a screw inside)

  • the benefits of 3Dfoodprinting for:

    • high-level restaurants

    • patients and elderly people who can not swallow (the use of smooth food)

    • personal nutrition

    • supermarkets of the future (cartridges of nutrients?)

This research has been done with the support of the Michelin chefs Wouter van Laarhoven (Nxt lvl) and Bart Aussems (Tout a Fait). With their help we are able to make 3D printed food tasting excellent!

It will be continued in the expertisecentre 3Dfoodprinting in Venlo with partners like Maastricht University, Greenport, hotelschool Venlo, Fontys Agrofood etc (opening november 2014 with a conference).

Website 3D By Flow: http://3dbyflow.com

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